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About Us

Last updated March 28, 2022

As fans, collectors and active members of the NFT community, we started tokensite in response to the lack of available, trusted NFT data analytics and insights.

It was challenging to find genuinely unbiased analysis covering individual NFTs, such as rarity, image analysis and historical market trends and there was very little information covering guide prices or valuations for NFTs of any type. We found that this data gap made it increasingly difficult to manage portfolios and wallets and even more challenging to make informed decisions based on market activity and trends.

Our aim is that the launch of tokensite will directly address the many difficulties currently faced within the community, by providing a one-stop NFT toolkit of data, insights and analysis.

Our users are able to access our dynamic ecosystem of on- and off-chain data, which we've combined with our proprietary algorithms. This game changing combination allows our users to access a powerhouse of NFT data covering, floor prices, volumes, rarity, transaction history, guide prices, portfolio aggregation and much much more!